Design Thinking

Product Management 101

“It is my strong belief, and the central concept driving this book, that behind every great product there is someone— usually someone behind the scenes, working tirelessly— who led the product team to combine technology and design to solve real customer problems in a way that met the needs of the business. These people usually…

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Health + Wellness Product Management

“Medical care is largely shaped by guidelines, which are indexed to a population rather than an individual. And the evidence from clinical research is derived from populations that do not translate to the real world of persons. The life science industry has no motivation to design drugs or devices that are only effective, however striking,…

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Design Thinking + Fresh Mind

People have long recognized the benefits of approaching tasks and experiences, regardless of expertise, with the mindset of a beginner – described by some as Beginner’s or Fresh Mind. This approach is characterized by being open and eager, with the absence of preconceived notions. Unfettered by bias and habit, Fresh Mind is fertile territory for…

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