Client Stories

Tales from the mouths of clients and teammates over the last 20 years.


USAA: 18 Different Projects

I've worked with USAA multiple times throughout my career - on 18 different projects. My last engagement was helping them through a employee experience revamp. Leading a team of 6 people, I helped create a O365 environment that people couldn't wait to use. Adoption rates skyrocketed from a dismal 32% to 86%.

What They Said...

"Daniella was key to this project's success. She really dove in and understood the user. Without her expert application of the Human Centered Design Process, we would have never made it past the first stakeholder workshop."

"This project turned from something I was dreading to something I really enjoyed. Getting to know who we are designing for really helps user adoption."

"Thank you for getting those numbers up! We were paying for the licenses anyway - now we get the productivity bump!"


ASCO: Digital Business Transformation

Over the course of 3 years, I lead a team of 12 people through a Digital Business transformation that touched employee, customer and channel partner experience. We had the pleasure of conducting ethnographic research around the globe - talking to employees and customers alike.

Much of the work culminated in a client facing website that still sets satisfaction records for the industry.


"I can't believe that we were able to align all of our regions! From France and Germany to North and South America, the transformation is global adopted. Thank you."

"We have come so far. Thank you so much form your leadership, compassion and expertise. This project was challenging, and we are much further than I thought we would be... incredibly successful with happy clients."

"This website is hot stuff. You've really enabled all of our various types of users the ability to quickly and efficiently access the information that they need the most."


Department of Education: Case Management

When I joined this project, there were over 3000 pages of business requirements to sort through. With over 210 global team members, it was my job to make sense out of the chaos so that we could deliver a stellar product on time and within budget.

Lighter than I like on user research and engagement, we were still able to create a system that tracked budget allocation of federal student loans that reduced redundancy and over payments by a whopping 74%.

Rave Reviews

"Daniella's work helped me understand this project for the first time in 13 months."

"Sometimes we get buried in these linear business requirements - not really understanding what is happening on the other side. Now I know how important it is to see from the user's perspective."

"Until we reviewed the wireframes and clickable prototypes, I really had no idea how this system was going to work. Adding in the client perspective is so important too. Thank you for all your hard work."