I am a seasoned leader with a passion for directing user-centered research and service design to create industry-leading experiences. I've worked around the globe for consumer, business, and enterprise clients. I've worked on thousands of experiences and system designs. I've highlighted two below and would love to chat with you about the rest...

People interviewed
Enterprise Applications
Mobile Apps
Experiences Created

EAS / Service Design

HCB Global Bakery

From a sketch on a whiteboard to prototype and test, I helped this company re-imagine the way they worked and delivered.

I interviewed employees in all types of roles: sales, warehouse, shipping in order to understand current pain points, process gaps and slips.

From there, we went to prototype and test, product backlog and code. Meanwhile, I addressed several internal process gaps. In the end, we created a stellar system through service design that yielded 7 dollars for every project dollar spent.

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Cloud-based App / UX Strategy

Legal Workflow App

As work becomes more mobile, our team was challenged to meet the needs of a key vertical market. How do we create an experience that puts the printing device in the path of work? How can we help law firms collaborate better, faster and smarter?

A challenging project, I was the UX Design Leader on a program team of 16 people. This app was the first of its kind at HP.

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